About Upanish Ananda Mandhir

Human beings need lots of energy and caliber to meet out the day-to-day life activities. To face the situation and problems he needs a lot of self confidence. To meet out these needs one has to explore oneself to bring out his source of energy from within oneself. ‘Upanisha’ has come from the root of Upanishads. The meaning of Upanisha is ‘the place where one sits near the truth” (‘Guru’). By sitting near the truth in surrender one attains ananda (divine bliss). Then the place becomes Mandir (temple)

Upanisha Ananda Mandir is a Non Profit charitable Trust run by enthusiastic seekers under the guidance of Enlightened Master Atma Nambi (Atmaji). The aim of this Trust is to spread the message of love, compassion and brotherhood, good health, prosperity and meditation for all.

Our Focus

  • To offer health to everyone.
  • To provide guidance for unconditional happiness and peace.
  • To get rid of fear, worry, confusion and disturbances.
  • Counselling to bring out inner talents of the students.
  • To create awareness for the child inside the womb.
  • Salient features imbibed for the growing children.
  • Tips to do work without any tension.
  • To establish lovable relationship around us.
  • Suggestions to get rid of the blocks to live a comfortable life.
  • To create service minded people looking to help humanity.
  • To create opportunity for everyone to know thyself.
  • To create the climate to understand life’s secrets.
  • Training to check the negative aspects in the society and to find alternative ways.
  • To protect and enrich nature everywhere.
  • To make the world a Temple of Peace.
  • To bring awareness for alternative educational system.
  • To establish art and culture by balancing science and spirituality.
  • To enhance the individual’s inner consciousness energy level through meditation.
  • To create leaders with spirituality as their backbone.
  • To liberate people from superstitious beliefs by making them intelligent.
  • To join hands with likeminded organizations and to extend services.

Our Vision

The World is made up of The Land, The Oceans and The Sky. It is the responsibility of the humankind to use them properly without disturbing Nature. Due to the increase in population, the fundamental needs such as food, shelter and clothing have increased. To meet out these needs we have to use science and technology. Hence the information and communications are vital. In the process of economical growth and regarding health, security from natural calamities have become mandatory. Also prevention of terrorism, child care and elderly people care are inevitable.

All these tasks will be completed successfully only when equal opportunities are given to everyone. To implement this equality good relationships and human values are absolutely necessary. This climate creates the culture. We know that these objects are handled by the world governments of different nations. Along with the governments, the social welfare organizations are also taking part in achieving the needs. Whether governments or volunteer organizations or private sectors, it is obvious that only individuals are performing with their potentialities. Hence the individual power is very vital. To enhance the individual power, one needs to work efficiently.

The word improvement does not denote only physical and mental calibers but also the inner qualities of the individuals. It is not sufficient to be brilliant alone but also to be a good citizen. This achievement is possible only through self awakening (spirituality) thereby the world transformation is achieved. So the vision of this foundation (UPANISHA ANANDA MANDIR) is to guide and to create many people in the process of self awakening.

Upanisha Ananda Mandir is a Human Welfare Foundation founded by Atma Nambi. Upanisha Means "The space where the truth is" This world can become a Bliss temple if every human being becomes a moving temple of consciopusness. In Upanisha Ananda Mandir, Spiritual volunteers extend their grateful work of sharing their love for the welfare of human beings.

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