Sakthiyae Sathyam

Upanisha Ananda Mandir is a Human Welfare Foundation founded by Atma Nambi. Upanisha Means "The space where the truth is" This world can become a Bliss temple if every human being becomes a moving temple of consciousness. In Upanisha Ananda Mandir, Spiritual volunteers extend their grateful work of sharing their love for the welfare of human beings.

Atma Jothi

Atma Jothi

The meeting of Ida, Pingala and Suzhumuna
The Union of Five Elements
The Flowering of Kundalini Energy
The Lightning of the Third Eye
The Cosmic Energy Centre

Atma Jothi represents cosmic energy field. Based on 96 Divine secrets, 9 supreme Bija mantras, fundamental five elements, Shri. Atma Nambi dedicated Atma Jothi to the World.

Atma Jothi is surrounded amids three vibrant hills in nature, where sage visistar and Bodhi Dharma Meditated. Those who visit Atma Jothi are blessed with bliss, health, prosperity and peace through the vibration of the Omkara and uplift themselves.

Few words from the Master

Energy is like a tree root. Good energy creates good thoughts, good thoughts create harmless energetic words and it helps in creating grateful actions.

Swami Atma Nambi

We have unlimited resources in the world. We use these resources scientifically to meet out our basic needs there by a uniform growth in every level is expected. Steps are taken to remove poverty. People are protected from natural calamities. War and terrorism need to be prevented for the benefit of future generations.

We need to respect human beings for inner values. Good relationship among the people is necessary. Government and charity organisations work to bring equality among people. It is not enough to be brilliant, one should also be a good, responsible citizen.

Spirituality should be introduced to every one in order to achieve this state. Then a pure new world of love is possible.

- Atma Ji

Atma Nambi's Tour Schedule

Atma Nambi will be available at Upanisha Ananda Mandir Ashram, Vazhapady, Tamilnadu, till August 3rd 2017. During this period, regular satsang, meditation and deeksha (initiation) sessions are going on.

Date Place Details
August 3-13 Joplin MO, Springfield MO, Tulsa OK
August 16-20 Eureka Springs AR, Fayatteville AR, Bentonville
August 23-27 Kansas City 3 Days Retreat
August 30-31 Springfield IL, La Salle IL
September 1-3 Downers Grove IL (Chicaco)
September 4 Saint Louis MO

Coming up: Texas, California, Arizona & Washington DC

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  • It was a great experience when i met Swami Atma Nambi for the first time. From then on my life has changes completely.
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